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HAI!! shut up I'm on da phone xD
Herro peoples!!! I hash not been on in foreva so will just talk okay?

So school has actually been okay. I jut read all of my past entries and some of them made me laugh. Not all, but some. Haha its October now, one of my fave months so I'm pretty happy. I'm only failing two of my classes now and I got an A- on my french test. YAY BOOEY!! My mom moved into her new apartment about two or three weeks ago. I feel really weird. At first I was okay with it, almost having fun with it. But now I jut can't do it anymore. Always having to move back and forth, having to remember shit to take from one place to another, my parents talking about each other like they are dead or something. Its just weird and I keep crying myself to some form of sleep for no reason. No panic attacks thank goodness but still! Its not normal for a fifteen year olds hair to be turning gray and falling out!!!
Now that that's finished, back to life eh? I hung out with Sid and Brookie and Eric and Big bang(I think that's his nickname) today and it was so much fun!!! We talked about that little movie we made at sids house and homecoming and it was fun. Speaking of homecoming... UGH!! Sid and Kris and Katanna we're the only good part of that shit!! My, now ex, boyfriend took me and I was waiting for him and he never showed! Finally I found him and he was dancing with his man lover dude friend shit!!! I was like hey its me, you know your GIRLFRIEND and he was just like hey. O to the M to the G I was pissed!!! So finally I leave to go hang with Sid and Kris and Brooke and we sucked helium for a while (by "we" I mean Kris and Brooke and it was hilarious!!!) but anyway he comes over and is like why did you leave and I say because you were dancing and he was like oh... okay then. So he leaves and I go to play roulette with Katanna. He comes over and says you owe me a dance and I say kay be there in a second. So I go and dance for a while and every time I move closer to him to dance.. HE FUCKING MOVES AWAY!!! WTF?!!! So I go dance with my friends and then I go sit with him. Then the mother of all shitty-ness happened. A slow song came on. So he grabs my wrist and says oh we're dancing. Um asshole! How about something nice like may I have this dance or You wanna dance? NOT WE'RE DANCING!!! Oh my god so we start to dance and Cassandra comes up and yells kiss her!! He turns to me and says you wanna and I'm like sure. So we do. IT WAS THE SHORTEST MOST AWFUL KISS OF MY LIFE!!!! Oh my god so then I'm like I have to go. I go to find Sid and Kris, trying to ditch him right? HE'S RIGHT BEHIND ME!!! So I leave and all through the weekend I was thinking about "us". On Monday I break up with him. I told him I didn't think of him as a boyfriend only a friend. He tells me that he's not mad and that he's totally cool with it. Half hour later he rants about it on fucking facebook!! We got in a huge fight and now we do not talk to each other. So yeah that sucks major!!!
Okay so other than ALL that shitty-ness. Life is okay... I don't know what else to say, but I think I said enough...

Ta Ta For Now loves!!!

~You say psycho like it's a bad thing~


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