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Just came to say Hello!
Well hey hey people of LiveJournal! (Okay so I highly doubt any single person is reading this, but hey, who ever does?)

Life is good. I'm currently on Summer Break (Which kind of sucks by the by) and I'm sitting in the library of Colorado Technical University typing in my blog. (Well duh) I don't really have much to report except for that my life is still averagely boring, my brother still has an attitude, and my parents did not magically run towards each other in a field full of daises. (Not that they would anyway, my mother is horribly allergic.) Anyway I think I may have found my reason for being, or at least gotten a good start. I am going to work harder in school than I ever have (gee that sounds familiar) and I've decided to go in to.. *drum-roll* Criminal  Justice! *odd cricket noise with a sprinkling of weak little claps.* Okay so not the most exciting news in the world but it's good for me since it's a sign for myself that I'm really going to do something in my life. (Okay that was a little dramatic)

I'm still currently looking for work, although I'm told that if I go to Celebrity Lanes this week I can get a job really easy so maybe I'll go down there with my still non-existent car. I found out a few weeks ago that I have grown a total of 1?4 an inch since my last appointment! Har Har basketball team! Okay so again, nothing new, still single, still jobless, still average. Registration for Juniors is next... Friday? Yeah lets say Friday... and I still have to fill out all my paperwork. Hooray! Hopefully school won't suck so bad.... So by the by I slept like shirt last night because I was actually freezing. That and my blanket kept swirling around, which by the way is my biggest hatred. It makes me want to punch a basket of mice.

Alright well once more, not too exciting, I hope to have more for you next time in the exciting installment or MY LIFE! with Brittany Pollard.
xD I'm so weird and dumb sometimes.

TaTaForNow loves!


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