Girl broken, under maintenance.

The life of a girl who's wings are bandaged.

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Alrighty so I haven't been on in forever and a day, so you may be thinking that I will post some long ass thing about all the wonderful things that happened to me right? Wrong. Nothing happy has happened, in fact, everything is probably in the toilet right now.

Life is strange, but who's to say that life is normal? I'm still seeing a counselor and still having problems with my parents divorce, but thankfully haven't tried to kill myself in a while. There's new guy in my life, but I'm very worried he's taking things to a whole new level that I'm most definitely not ready for. He tells me he loves me, gives me flowers, and we're planing a gift exchange on the worst of all holidays, Valentines Day. He is so sweet, but I'm not ready for a full fledged relationship and don't want to hurt him. I'm turning sixteen in about 4 and a half months and sharing a party with a friend who's birthday is the day before mine. I'm thinking a masquerade ball, but that seems a little high maintenance, so it will probably just be a pool party. I got a facebook page and found that it's not all it's cracked up to be. I also got a Tumblr page, but I rarely go on it anymore. I'm losing friends left and right and I feel awful about it. Sid, if you happen to read this, I am truly truly sorry and really wish we could be friends again. I know I sound stupid and childish but I am truly sorry. My mom is seeing someone and I'm oh so very confused about that. I have the same phone, same life, same me that I was and I don't think I'll ever escape.

Like I said, not a huge long post.


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